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Ubuntu Touch: Eat the Dogfood


Posted in: — Earlier this year Canonical shared the forthcoming Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system by way of a developer’s preview. I went out on a limb and installed the developer preview onto my beloved Nexus 7. My experience was that of a developer preview, meaning it wasn’t a view of perfection or even of beta status. Ubuntu Touch needed more work, but it does have potential to be a nice OS.  Sure there are some obstacles that will need to be overcome for the OS to truly take off in the mainstream, but I don’t think it’s impossible.


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Canonical will have to get behind its software and push it into the masses. It needs to make Ubuntu Touch more known in the mainstream media instead of just in the geek community. How can this be done? Canonical community manager, Jono Bacon, posted recently that Canonical has an ambitious goal of getting the core apps of the OS decided upon and “dogfoodableby the end of July 2013. The core apps are those that will ship initially with the phone’s proposed release of October 2013. The apps include the Calendar, Music Player, Clock, Calculator, Weather app, Sudoku, RSS Reader, File Manager, Document Viewer, Terminal, Dropping Letters game, and also a Stock Ticker. Bacon says that anyone can be a part of the dog-fooding effort. Not just developers, but anyone. Just shoot him a message for details.

I look forward to the next downloadable release of the operating system. The developer preview didn’t include a lot of functionality in my experience. It was more of a way to show you how the screens and apps will look. Take a look at my experience in the video below.  Again, there is potential with Ubuntu Touch. Time, further development and field testing from the community will make this work.


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