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Ubuntu 13.04, What’s New


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aGNUdomain/ — The popular (or infamous) Linux distro Ubuntu has been released under version 13.04. Canonical¬†and Ubuntu have shared a love/hate relationship with many of their users over the last few releases. Stability issues, repositories and driver management are among the few items new Linux users begrudge upon installation. Let us not mention the fallout around the Gnome and Unity interface.

Ubuntu 13.04 promises a smoother OS with more polish and features. It’s an effort to provide an enjoyable and secure computing experience. OmgUbuntu shared a demo video below of the new release. Take a look at what 13.04 has to offer.

What are your thoughts on the latest Ubuntu? Have you gotten your hands on it? Unity still isn’t widely accepted by the Ubuntu faithful of yore, but there’s always sudo apt-get install gnome-panel. I look forward to installing the latest version. My only trepidation is my NVidia graphics card. And we all know how much NVidia cooperates with Linux. So what are your thoughts on the latest Ubuntu release? Do you have any tips or tricks? Let us know below!

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