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Ubuntu 13.04, What’s New

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aGNUdomain/ — The popular (or infamous) Linux distro Ubuntu has been released under version 13.04. Canonical¬†and Ubuntu have shared a love/hate relationship with many of their users over the last few releases. Stability issues, repositories and driver management are among the few items new Linux users begrudge upon installation. Let us not mention the fallout […]

Video: How Linux is Built (via the Linux Foundation)

Posted in: TM unplugged and — This short video is the money. If your friends ever ask you to explain the wisdom and architecture behind the glory that is Linux, you might refer them to this video. It's called How Linux is Built. Uploaded by the Linux Foundation onto YouTube today, the  short video "takes […]

Hello World — in Ubuntu: Write It in GNU C++ (video)

Posted in: unplugged – It's official. The edit team at is spinning out its first new media site. It's going to be called — our co-founder John C. Dvorak gets cred for coming up with the name. It'll be Linux news, views, reviews, teardowns, Android rooting, open source advice, all flavors of Linux for […]