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Ubuntu 13.04, What’s New

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aGNUdomain/ — The popular (or infamous) Linux distro Ubuntu has been released under version 13.04. Canonical¬†and Ubuntu have shared a love/hate relationship with many of their users over the last few releases. Stability issues, repositories and driver management are among the few items new Linux users begrudge upon installation. Let us not mention the fallout […]

Linux Command Cheat Sheet: Valentine’s Day Gift for the Linux Geek You Love

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It’s the Linux Command Cheat Sheet — the ideal gift for that Linux lover in your life. It could be you. Happy Valentine’s Day from with Gina Smith, John C. Dvorak and Jerry Pournelle and team — and, launching soon at that url, led by Eric Finkenbiner and Ant Pruitt. Great.

David Street: What’s GNU: Richard Stallman’s GNU versus Linux Demystified

Posted in: unplugged — By David Street, You think you knew GNU. So do a lot of people. Richard Stallman does an amazing job in his GNU history and explainer to dispel myths about it. Read the whole story here from Stallman writing for  Here's an excerpt from Stallman's excellent piece. Scroll after the excerpt […]