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Ubuntu Touch: Eat the Dogfood

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ubuntutouch — Earlier this year Canonical shared the forthcoming Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system by way of a developer’s preview. I went out on a limb and installed the developer preview onto my beloved Nexus 7. My experience was that of a developer preview, meaning it wasn’t a view of perfection or even of beta status. Ubuntu Touch […]

Great Free Photo Editing Tools

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aGNUdomain/– Many of us attempt to be photographers on some scale or level. Some of us carry high-quality DSLR cameras. Many of us carry wonderful smartphone cameras. With this being a digital age, touching up photo imperfections plays an important role in a photographer’s masterpiece. There are several photo editing software packages available for purchase, […]

Alienware Gets You Ready for Linux Gaming

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aGNUdomain/ — Hardcore gaming has been a long time coming for Linux users of the world. Cloud gaming giant Steam came on board to offer its platform to Ubuntu Linux users and it’s been a fun ride for most. Alienware now looks to give Linux users more gaming goodness with hardware packages built for a […]

Ubuntu 13.04, What’s New

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aGNUdomain/ — The popular (or infamous) Linux distro Ubuntu has been released under version 13.04. Canonical and Ubuntu have shared a love/hate relationship with many of their users over the last few releases. Stability issues, repositories and driver management are among the few items new Linux users begrudge upon installation. Let us not mention the fallout […]

Attack of the Androids TV with Mat Lee, Richard Hay …

Posted in: and aGNUdomain unplugged — Here's the latest episode from our Mat Lee's Attack of the Androids. This week, the guys are talking about their first smartphones — Richard Hay has a piece on his first Android phone on the main site today — and the 40th anniversary of the first mobile call. A […]