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Google Glass and Robert Scoble Showers: Attack of the Androids

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aGNUdomain/ — Here on aGNUdomain we bring you tech, deep and totally geek content. Whether it’s great write ups, reviews and commentary. Or podcasts based on the open-sourced world. Take a listen to Attack of the Androids with Mat Lee and Eric Finkenbiner. This week,¬†Ant Pruitt¬†guest hosts to discuss the latest in interesting Android-related stories. […]

Hands-on with Ubuntu Touch Preview for the Nexus 4

Posted in: - This weekend I formatted my Nexus 4 and loaded up Canonical's new Ubuntu Touch Preview.  I was impressed by its polish and beauty. Ubuntu Touch launched Feb. 19, 2013. As aGNUdomain's Ant Pruitt explained,  Ubuntu Touch is Canonical's attempt to break into the mobile market. Smart Linux users already know how to run full-fledged Ubuntu on some […]

Linux Command Cheat Sheet: Valentine’s Day Gift for the Linux Geek You Love

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It’s the Linux Command Cheat Sheet — the ideal gift for that Linux lover in your life. It could be you. Happy Valentine’s Day from with Gina Smith, John C. Dvorak and Jerry Pournelle and team — and, launching soon at that url, led by Eric Finkenbiner and Ant Pruitt. Great.

Ant Pruitt, Mat Lee, Shane Brady, Eric Finkenbiner: Attack of the Androids

Posted in: and unplugged's Ant Pruitt, Mat Lee, Shane Brady and Eric Finkenbiner rock the latest Attack of the Androids show. Deep tech on Android, rooting, a major geek-out. It's an show featured here at the alpha site of the upcoming Never heard of Attack of the Androids? Hit the play button above. It's […]