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Ubuntu Touch: Eat the Dogfood

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ubuntutouch — Earlier this year Canonical shared the forthcoming Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system by way of a developer’s preview. I went out on a limb and installed the developer preview onto my beloved Nexus 7. My experience was that of a developer preview, meaning it wasn’t a view of perfection or even of beta status. Ubuntu Touch […]

Hands-on with Ubuntu Touch Preview for the Nexus 4

Posted in: - This weekend I formatted my Nexus 4 and loaded up Canonical's new Ubuntu Touch Preview.  I was impressed by its polish and beauty. Ubuntu Touch launched Feb. 19, 2013. As aGNUdomain's Ant Pruitt explained,  Ubuntu Touch is Canonical's attempt to break into the mobile market. Smart Linux users already know how to run full-fledged Ubuntu on some […]