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Left 4 Dead 2 and Portal Released on Steam for Linux

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aGNUdomain/ — This year has been an exciting one for Linux gamers.  In February Steam for Linux was officially released by Valve.  While the latest game releases have yet to make their way to the platform, there has been a steady increase in the amount of games made available.  Most notably has been this past week’s […]

Alienware Gets You Ready for Linux Gaming

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aGNUdomain/ — Hardcore gaming has been a long time coming for Linux users of the world. Cloud gaming giant Steam came on board to offer its platform to Ubuntu Linux users and it’s been a fun ride for most. Alienware now looks to give Linux users more gaming goodness with hardware packages built for a […]

Ubuntu 13.04: A Tale of Two Upgrades

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Notice the lack of "Close", "Minimize" and " Maximize".

aGNUdomain/ — As my partner in crime Ant Pruitt told you earlier, Ubuntu 13.04 has recently been released. However before you jump in with both feet, I will offer you a tale of caution. After hours of waiting for the upgrade files to finish downloading, I was left with one functional computer and one non-functional […]

Ubuntu 13.04, What’s New

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aGNUdomain/ — The popular (or infamous) Linux distro Ubuntu has been released under version 13.04. Canonical and Ubuntu have shared a love/hate relationship with many of their users over the last few releases. Stability issues, repositories and driver management are among the few items new Linux users begrudge upon installation. Let us not mention the fallout […]

Burn the Heretic! John Carmack Talks Linux Gaming and Steam

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John Carmack, the man behind some of the most influential video games of all time, caused a flurry of discussion over on Reddit last week when he expressed his opinions regarding native Linux ports of popular video games. Carmack's response on Reddit was an eloboration of  a Twitter update he made on Feb. 4th where he stated […]

Linux Command Cheat Sheet: Valentine’s Day Gift for the Linux Geek You Love

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It’s the Linux Command Cheat Sheet — the ideal gift for that Linux lover in your life. It could be you. Happy Valentine’s Day from with Gina Smith, John C. Dvorak and Jerry Pournelle and team — and, launching soon at that url, led by Eric Finkenbiner and Ant Pruitt. Great.