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Google Glass and Robert Scoble Showers: Attack of the Androids


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aGNUdomain/ — Here on aGNUdomain we bring you tech, deep and totally geek content. Whether it’s great write ups, reviews and commentary. Or podcasts based on the open-sourced world. Take a listen to Attack of the Androids with Mat Lee and Eric Finkenbiner. This week, Ant Pruitt guest hosts to discuss the latest in interesting Android-related stories.

Google Glass appears to have a growing interest in tech and mainstream media. This may all be thanks to Robert Scoble and his logged time with the product. What does the average person think of this project? Is this only for the uber-geek community?


Image credit: Venture Beat

What will the final pricing of Google Glass be? This week also BlackBerry’s CEO feels that tablet devices will be non-existent in about five years. These stories and more are discussed on Attack of the Androids!





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