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Ant Pruitt: Linux. Why Do You Run It? Readers Respond, Complain

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aGnuDomain, the spinoff soon to launch with a focus on Linux, today brings you Ant Pruitt — and a question no one in his or her right mind would ignore.

By Ant Pruitt,  I've been a fan of the Linux operating system for several years now. I discussed how much I enjoy using the Ubuntu Linux distro in an article and, thanks to you readers, the piece is reaching a lot of folks. I'm humbled.

I believe my first version was 9.x, but I am now up to version 12.10 and the Unity interface.

Originally, I installed Linux because my PC at the time had very limited hardware. The CPU was a single core chip and the memory was barely useful with just 1GB on board. There wasn't much else I could do to the rig that would allow Windows XP to run better or even upgrade to a newer version of Windows. Via my Google+ and Twitter feed, I polled my followers and circles. I asked "Why are you using Linux on your computer?" The feedback was tremendous from my fellow geeks. Here are the results. 

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I based the poll question on the three fairly-broad parameters above:

  • Hardware limitations on current PC  (low RAM, slower CPU, etc …)
  • To better protect users from malware
  • To geek-out with something new

 As you can see from the pie chart, my circles and followers wanted to just geek-out. I can't disagree. I enjoy playing around with my Linux distro as well as adding different free and open source software (FOSS) for daily use. 

Those that voted also had an opportunity to comment on the poll. Sure, geeking-out on something new was the poll's leading vote recipient, but most of the comments were dealing more with how powerful Linux can be, as well as support for FOSS. Hobbyist developer and XDA-Developers contributer Adam Outler says via Google+:

Ant Pruitt, your poll is invalid. I am an avid Linux user but I don't use it for any of the reasons in your poll. I support open source. I dislike having to pay when there are open source solutions whereby using those solutions contributes in a small way to betterment of the future of software. 

Patrick Archibald loves to geek-out with the multimedia options such as XBMC and MythTV software packages, he told me.

I enjoyed using Apache for serving up my multimedia over 3G as well as Plex Media Server.  All are great tools. 

So the verdict is in, so far. Those of us currently running a Linux distro are believers of supporting the free and open source platform, and we enjoy getting more performance out of computers that other operating systems haven't been able to provide.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the reader poll. You rock. For and is launching soon, I'm Ant Pruitt 

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