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Android Smartphone Photography: Photosphere


Posted in: — I have an affinity for smartphone photography. I totally believe that one can take amazing photographs with a trusty smartphone, as compared to those snapped by more-expensive DSLR cameras. Couple the smartphone with easy, free photo editing tools such as Snapseed and Shotwell, and great images can be produced.

siesta_key_beachImage credit: Ant Pruitt for aGNUdomain

I enjoy taking photographs of natural landscapes. I’ve also been intrigued with capturing panoramic photography with my Android phone. When Google launched Android version 4.2, Photosphere was the new feature to help photographers create auto panning panoramic shots. Photosphere’s functionality is right on, and I completely enjoy viewing other photographer’s Photosphere shots on Google+.

If you have an Android smartphone with Photosphere, check out the contest over on OMG! Droid. Enter your best Photosphere shots to win a $20 Google Play Store gift card. Here’s one of my favorite Photosphere shots that I may submit. Click on the image to get the full Photosphere affect.

13 - 1

The trick to getting great panoramic shots is perfect alignment while capturing the image. As you’re panning across your subject, try to glide slowly and steadily from one side of the subject to the other. The slow speed will reduce overlapping in the shot. The steady panning will reduce jagged edges in the final stitching of the image.

Do you have any panos to share? Leave a comment below linking to your favorite panoramic shots taken with your smartphone. And for more tips and tricks with smartphone photography, check out my Google+ Smartphone Photographers Community. I’m Ant Pruitt and this is aGNUdomain.

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