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Alienware Gets You Ready for Linux Gaming


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aGNUdomain/ — Hardcore gaming has been a long time coming for Linux users of the world. Cloud gaming giant Steam came on board to offer its platform to Ubuntu Linux users and it’s been a fun ride for most. Alienware now looks to give Linux users more gaming goodness with hardware packages built for a great gaming experience. Check out the Alienware X51.


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Dell, who purchased Alienware, has had a history of offering Ubuntu Linux as an alternative operating system to the popular Windows OS. This seems to be perfect timing by Dell to offer high performance hardware from one of its corporate arms to the open-sourced gaming community. Especially with Steam releasing more and more games that are ported for Linux.

The gaming rigs are priced nicely beginning at $599 depending on the hardware selected. The better the CPU and amount of RAM, the more expensive the unit becomes. Oddly, I noticed the only video card options were Nvidia-based GPU’s. Video drivers can be a challenge with Ubuntu. The support history of Nvidia to Linux is next to nil. Granted there are usually workarounds and hacks to config files that will allow the graphics card to crank out high frames per second, but one would hope for the cards to work a little easier out of the box.


This announcement tells me that there are great things on the horizon in the world of Linux with regards to gaming. The release of the X51 and the highly-anticipated Steam Box look to be gateways for playing popular game titles on your non-Windows or Apple operating systems. Oh wait, is the X51 the Steam Box? I could speculate, but I didn’t see any mention of the term on Dell’s web site for building the Alienware machine. Cheers to Dell and Alienware for offering what looks to be a great piece of hardware to run the secured and smooth open-sourced operating system.

I’m Ant Pruitt on aGNUdomain.

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